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I'm an online nutritionist, offering an unique approach for finding your food happiness.

My goal is to eliberate you from your food obsessions.

I combine qualified nutritional advice in the authorized nutrition course and I continuously support you to go to the happiest and healthiest body, without overwhelm, confusion, regrets or shortcomings.

How can I help you?

Corporate Program

Group nutritional workshops "Lunch&Learn", Q&A, personalised advice and individual consultations

Weight loss

Sustainable and healthy weight loss strategies. You will be the best version of yourself physically and mentally!

Vegan and vegetarian nutrition

Strict vegetarian or vegan, lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, flexitarian

Sports nutrition

Gain muscle, increase metabolism, improve sports performances and recovery time


Discover how cognitive choises, such as meal decisions, influence nutrition, psychological health and overall health.


"Diana is very passioned about her work and is an extraordinary coach in nutrition as well as in fitness."
Ionuț B.
IT Specialist
"Diana is a professional nutritionist and I thank her so much for regaining my self esteem."
Ema R.
Turistic Guide
"I needed to find my inner balance and to gain muscle. Thank you for you amazing work!"
Olivia S.

Health & Nutrition Articles

Carbohydrates are eaten about 30 minutes before a workout. For sessions that include cardio and are considerably longer than an hour at moderate to high intensity, it may be necessary to refill with gels or a sports drink during the session.

Food temptations are an uncontrolled desire, much more intense than just hunger, for certain foods. Most often these temptations include processed foods, fast food products and other foods high in calories and sugar.

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